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Stephen Brackenridge – Blues Brother Poet

22 Jul

Stephen Brackenridge studied for a BA (Hons) in Digital Art at the University of the West of Scotland but also writes songs and poetry, some of which he will be performing. Stephen is also a Socialist and anti-fascist, which he writes about among other things, such as hangovers, street furniture and other seemingly random things. Having written poems and short stories since primary school, Stephen hasn’t performed or read much of his poetry in public before, although he has performed as Bugs Bunny, Hawkeye the One Eyed Monster and the star sign “Virgo” in pantomimes and plays, which he hopes is some kind of preparation. He also plays bass for soul/jazz/punk band High Heel and the Soles. Stephen may or may not be performing his poems dressed as Jake Joliet Blues. He’s not sure yet.