The Manifestation at the Garden Party

29 Jul

by Sian Bevan

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the much-anticipated Forge of the Wordsmith’s Garden Party and so had to send a representative in my place to read the Mulipote manifesto. Simone de Fluck is a loyal comrade who, luckily, looks uncannily like me but sports a flawless French accent. It is a tragedy of the most epic proportions that we can never be seen at the same time in the same room.

I talked to Simone after event and she was very positive about the whole thing. She was mainly thankful that her performance was at the end of the evening, when the audience had drunk, listened, clapped and mingled enough to be receptive to her rather…military style. Shouting about a manifestation-led revolution could have been rather unsettling to the sober of heart or liver.

Literary events are in some ways incredibly unfair places. There are really talented writers who are made to release their words into the world in a medium with which they’re very uncomfortable. You wouldn’t ask a pilot to do a waltz, or make a doctor sing about his finest prescription, but realistically modern writers have to accept that speaking in public is a necessary evil. Simone and I are lucky that we’ve performed before, but she wanted me to mention how impressed she was at newbies to the mic and how they took on the fear.

A few people asked about tackling pre-gig nerves and the best advice I ever got was this: Whatever you were planning on doing, do it more. Do it bigger. Fill the room with everything you’ve got to say and, before you know it, people will take notice and the whole reason for creating the fear in the first place will, fingers crossed, become crystal clear.

Forge of the Wordsmiths is fast establishing itself as the venue for the unestablished performer, the nervous reader and as Simone can testify, a wonderful event.

Simone de Fluck and Barbie relax before inciting mass revolution

If you did miss the Manifestation performances at the Garden Party, please click on the links below. For a real-real copy of any of the manifesto’s, please e-mail

Anarcho-Oneiric-Quietism takes you through the dark woods of fairy tales and myth, and holds your head under the colour of your own dreams. Are you ready to see your true face?

Booki$m plans to solve the current financial crisis and worldwide debt with the replacement of books as a real currency

Hatism wants you to stop being stupid and start eating your cat. You are now an accessory to the hat.  Cover your hair

Mulipote charge you with finding and eradicating shit women in fiction. They want your wankfantasies to be real and their decision must be final

The Sinsualist Manifesto invite you to a feast of potential, a tumbling and tearing of false idols, where ice-cream is the domain of science … and Barbie

La Sufferance deny the denial of experience. It is ok for your child to come home to an empty house if it contains at least one book. Let children set their own pace


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